Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bedroom Athletics Addict

Halloween has been and gone and now the only thing on our mind is the crisp sweet smell of Christmas! Mulled wine, minced pies and pine trees are all on the horizon and give us something to look forward to on these long dark nights.

Yes that’s right fashionistas winter is here and we are all feeling the chill….
So take a look at what Bedroom Athletics sent me as a little winter treat!
If you haven’t seen this brand before take a look! It has some of the most stylish comfortable and well-made nightwear around. And remember the brand name is what you make of it!

These ombre mixed faux fur pink and purple Cole slipper boot is all I need so I’m not sure how Father Christmas is going to top this gift. I shall have to look online to see what else is in store.
The Cole Slippers are heaven on the feet and the suede patterned leather sole just adds to the style and comfort.
I know that I shan’t be taking them off any time soon so thank you Bedroom Athletics I won’t be leaving the house for a while.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Elizabeth Taylor.

Another day a different look.

Just because sometimes your life can be stuck in a rut it doesn’t mean that your look has to fall with it.
Applying my daily makeup routine I realised that something I once enjoyed doing has become a boring but necessary standard procedure.  When did life become so mundane?
It’s time to take note from the stylish women around us that have inspired, entertained or simply made you double take and look twice!  
I have always taken inspiration and collected looks and adapted them to what suits my emotions on that day. There is a particular woman that I look to for my beauty regime or for tips on how to put together and accessorise an outfit. This flawless lady has been an example to generations of women over the years and I class myself as one of them. Elizabeth Taylor, the beauty queen, the silver screen legend and one of the most enigmatic style icons that ever existed. She is a woman that always knew how to enhance her attributes from her beautiful features, her distinctive violet eyes, to her curvy body. Wearing her low cut fitted dressed illustrated how comfortable she was with all she was given and this sex appeal oozed onto the screen and led her to be admired by all men and women alike.  The things that I love about Lizzie’s style is that in sharing that curvy body with most normal women and girls she has set a good example and made us feel proud to live in our own skins. She always dressed well for her body shape and that is something that everyone should take notes on. It’s something that takes time to learn and who better to be your teacher than the mistress of glamour, Elizabeth Taylor.
Her statement eyebrows, enhanced with her bold eye makeup to accentuate those trademark violet eyes contrasting with her plump red coloured lips is a look that never fails.
Take your tips from this goddess of beauty!

Kate Moss is the Boss.

When walking down Oxford Street you experience more than the buzz of the crowds and the smell of the streets as your push your way through the structured maze. Grazing against secret souls, you would never expect to come across the soul of the party that is Kate Moss! Despite the tube strikes the crowds were out to see Kate Moss reveal her new collection for Topshop and the wait has been way too long since her last collaboration for the most popular hight street brand.

Be aware there is nothing High Street about this collection. The fabrics, the detailing are incredible and the price tags are to match…yet you can’t help but let these items burn a hole in your mulberry purse because after all Kate is the Guru of fashion and if Kate’s name is on the label you know you’re rocking catwalk standards.
When I laid my eyes on this bohemian festival frenzy I could see that she has put a lot of her own style inspiration into this collection and this is responsible for setting her collaboration against the best of the rest. This collection is full of paisley patterns, rugged florals and Aztec prints, with a splash of dreamy embellishment, flawless beading, tailored suits and much needed fringing.
Of course this collection is selling out quicker than a call of duty pre sale but as an owner of Kate Moss’s previous collaborations the items never get old and investing in even only one piece will be something that you will never regret.
Kate you will always be a fashion icon and I think its about time you started branching out on your own label. Let us pray that Kate continues to make the most of her talent as a designer. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014


The sun was shining today so that means only one thing a matching two-piece!
So I stepped out in the British sun wearing a white and black checkerboard effect, an asymmetric skirt and contrasting bommer jacket. It was clear that I was playing no games as I finished this look with a pop of neon green court shoes just to give it that edgy vibe that’s needed when putting together an outfit. Checkmate!
So, I hate it when people say that it costs too much to look good and be stylish and hit all the recent trends.
Todays outfit is a perfect example of ‘The Great British High Street’ in all its glory.
There is no excuse to look drab if you’re in desperate need off a new outfit when you have Primark in close reach!
It is so affordable and yes you may have to be selective with your choices but I can guarantee that no matter what season I would always be able to pick a cool, affordable and trendy outfit from this store! So get looking guys!
Down to their on trend shoes, their sassy clutch bags, their key must have pieces, sexy underwear or even their gym wear can’t disappoint my cravings when the budget is a little low. It’s a must, must, must.
Things I would say to look out for when shopping in Primark is the cut of the fabric so take time to look at the product and make sure that the alignment of the fabric is perfect as sometimes they can cut the fabric without matching the pattern at centre front or side seams so be aware that every piece is different. I advise you pick up a few of the same item in the size you want and inspect the clothing as garments will vary even within the same style. I spent time to make sure that the checks were centred at the front and again at the side seams. This little trick will make you look less Primark more high-end fashion.
When shopping in cheaper stores such as Primark you have to think about the bigger picture. I know I say this a lot but if you pull your outfit together with something a little more expensive people will not notice where it is from. You overall look will scream chic! chic! chic!
In the look I’m rocking today I pulled it together with the neon shoes £50 River Island, which I must say is a great buy. Bright shoes can make an outfit so think bold think bright. Why not right? Summer is almost here so embrace it!
Ohhh and I must not forget to say ‘the perfect way to look catwalk ready in less than a second whether it is worn on your head or on your face, is big Cat eye sunglasses mine £10 ASOS which I think is a bargain they just shout ‘celebrity’ so put them on when you can just like me (any excuse will do) and watch the heads turning!’